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Mazdoor Kissan Party . Pakistan is going to hold  its1st NATIONAL CONGRESS - 2017 in Rawalpindi Arts Council - Rawalpindi March - 2017

*Founding Members of MKP*

Peoples National Congress and Communist Mazdoor Kissan Party had been merged formally on February 14, 2015 and the new name of newly made party as a result of merger is "Peoples Mazdoor Kissan Party." and on 20th Decemebr 2015 Peoples Mazdoor Kissan Party merged with Pakistan Mazdoor Kissan Party and formed a new Party named "MAZDOOR KISSAN PARTY."Party is based upon the philosophy of Dialectic Materialism and the main purpose is to fight the menace of Imperialism, capitalism and feudalism. Party name clearly amplifies 'class conflict' which is the fundamental objective of MKP. Afzal Shah Khamoosh was elected as the first Party Chairman of MKP and the party congress would be held in April-May, 2016. Party's fundamental ideological pillars are as follows;

1. Class Conflict
2. Secularism
3. Democracy
4. Struggle against National Oppression
5. Socialism 

The Mazdoor Kissan Party is a political party that is dedicated to end exploitation and oppression of the people of Pakistan and to move towards a socialist society.

*Provincial Conferences*